The $5,000 decision to get rid of my past

Ben Kuchera:

The games weren’t bringing me joy; they were just ghosts trapped inside jewel cases. The collection was a weight I was dragging from house to house, and opening a bin only to find boxed NES games always felt like metal poured into my gut. These games made me picture a young woman wanting to hug me when I was hurting, then deciding not to. The games were bottles of expensive, and then cheap, scotch in the garbage, double-bagged so the neighbors wouldn’t see how bad it was getting.

I never got this extreme with my board game collecting, but I can relate to the relief he feels after escaping the trap of collecting and completionism. It took downsizing and a transition through an apartment to let go of stuff, lots of stuff, including over 100 boardgames.

Two confusions

Seth Godin:

Those things you’re bad at? You’re not nearly as bad at them as you fear.

And those things you’re great at? Probably not nearly as good as you hope.

We all need to love ourselves more, loathe ourselves less, and focus more on magnifying our strengths rather than obsessing over our weaknesses.