We did a different sort of hike yesterday, and interestingly it was a lot harder on my feet than any of our prior hikes. We had a blast and successfully used the new Max Pass system and never waited more than 25 minutes. Usually less than 15. We hadn’t been since 1991 — nice to see a lot hasn’t changed but the new stuff was fun.

Teutonia Peak Trail in Mojave National Preserve

On our way from Vegas to Anaheim we stopped for a 4 mile hike not far off I-15 in the Mojave. Teutonia Peak trail has the densest known concentration of Joshua Trees, plus a wide array of other yuccas and cacti. Saw a few birds too. No tortoises though. Well worth the time.

Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George

We took a break from hiking (82 miles in the prior 7 days) and explored St. George Utah and saw a movie yesterday (Chappaquiddick). The highlight was visiting the amazing city park Red Hills Desert Garden, full of not just desert plants but some nice birdwatching as well.

Today we return to Zion to hike the Kolob Canyon region. We leave Utah tomorrow.

Zion: Angels Landing

We arrived at the park at 6:45am and caught the first shuttle, allowing us to be two of the first 10 people to the summit. Not nearly as difficult as the climb to Observation Point but likely more frightening for many. I’ll share some photos relating the climbing experience in my next post.