Gaming at Allumbra

Benjamin Corliss has designed two abstract strategy games that he runs online
at his web site. I’ve only played
Breacan so far (against
Benjamin), but I like what I see. Check out the site, sign up, and give it a

Session Report – Tuesday Night Games at Benjamin’s

I spent a few hours at Benjamin Corliss’ place
last Tuesday gaming with a small group of very nice folks. Kevin
, who also hosts gaming
periodically, was there so it was nice to see a familiar face.

Killer Bunnies

Kevin was given a free copy of this game on the condition that he would write
a review. Four of us played the game presumably as a light opener – this games
a bit longer than you might think given the theme. The card quality is very
high in this game where you try to get bunnies out and keep them out while
destroying your friends’ bunnies. The ultimate goal is to win the magic carrot
at the end (your odds improve as you buy or win carrots throughout the game).
This game reminds a bit of
Fluxx in that the
play can seem chaotic at times, but I could see a bit of strategy lurking
under the silly facade. I may consider playing again, but I don’t think it is
worth adding to my collection.


I took out my newly aquired Corsairs game to introduce to the four folks I had
just played Killer Bunnies with (the rest of the group were still entrenched
in a game of Mare
). This is
fun, light game that is easy to teach with a great Pirate theme. I fell behind
fast and finished a distant third, but had fun losing.


I finished with a quick game of Condottiere with the folks that had been
playing Mare Nostrum. This game ended up going quickly, as one player was able
to go for his third consecutive region nearly unchallenged. This is a fun card
game (I played it at Kevin’s house for the first time) but I’m still not sure
I want to own it.

Converting Piratenbucht to English

I recently purchased the German-language
Piratenbucht online
from Funagain. This is a very attractive game, with
a nice large board, good quality cardboard and wooden bits, but with German-
language cards. Since I don’t yet read or speak German (though I’m trying to
learn), I needed to make English-language versions of the cards.

Spielfrieks to the rescue: Mark Blanco was kind enough to make up standard
card-size English versions of the cards and he posted them to the
. I picked up
some full-page Avery labels for inkjet printers and printed out the
cards. I then mounted them to extra Magic: the Gathering common cards (green
ones, if you care) and the results look great.

Gaming in Redmond, WA at Wizkids

I enjoyed a fun night of gaming last week while visiting Bellevue/Redmond.
There’s a group that meets weekly on Tuesdays at the WizKids
in Redmond, so I headed up from
Portland a little early to join in on the fun. Fantastic group of people –
very welcoming and I hope to return and join the group soon. Let’s get to the


This is a simple, fun, pirate-theme game with a bit of luck and a bit of
strategy. Not for deep thinking, but a solid opener. It is hard (for me) to
resist any game with a pirate theme, and this was no exception for me – I
bought a copy of the game from WizKids. The game is for 2-4 players, and each
player is trying to gain the most victory points by boarding galleys. Galleys
have victory points commensurate with the difficulty of capture – based on the
number of cards necessary to attempt a board or the die roll necessary to
successfully complete a board. Player interaction comes in the form of
broadsides, where one player can fire on another and steal or destroy their
cards (provisions), or counter attacks, where a player can try to board a
galley after another player by beating his or her roll.

Apples to Apples

The largest game of Apples to Apples for me so far – at least 12 folks joined
in for two games. Fun stuff, but I was ready to move on the meatier stuff.

Puerto Rico

My second play of this fantastic game – there were 4 of us, 1 veteran, me
(played once), and 2 newbies. I went for a corn strategy but couldn’t get
enough to make a difference, and made one bad tactical move during the Captain
phase and shipped the wrong good. I probably would have still finished second,
but would have been much closer to the ultimate winner (the veteran). I hope
to play this again this coming weekend when I host some gaming down in


Another pirate game – arggh. This is better than Corsairs, in my opinion –
more tension and player interaction, and more strategy since you can customize
your ship. I’ve ordered this from Funagain and can’t wait to give it a try with my kids.

Quick Diversion – The Thorns

I just might be one of Matthew Sweet’s greatest
fans. Odds are, you haven’t heard of him, but from the moment I first heard
Girlfriend, I was hooked. His solo career, however, has tailed off over the
past 5 years. A low point for me was seeing him live for the third time,
opening for Guided By Voices. Matthew should
never be an opening act :-)!

Well, he has a new gig: The
, a sort of joint venture
with Pete Droge and Shawn Mullin. Check out their first single, I Can’t