First Time with Fresh Fish

I received my copy of Fresh
from Plenary
on Saturday and got a chance to play it
for the first time tonight. Julie humored me with a quick 2-player game. I’ll
do a more thorough review shortly, but I have to say that I can’t wait to play
this with 3 or 4 players. Fresh Fish is a tile placement game with a small
auction element and a big puzzle/deduction element. The rules are very simple,
but I can see the strategies being quite complex. This game only took about 15
minutes to finish; I would guess that each additional player would add 10-15

My Boys

I’ve mentioned Jacob and Matthew (my two sons) here frequently, but I thought
it would be nice to show a picture of them. So here you go!

Jacob (8) is on the left, and Matthew (6) is on the right.

Gaming at Allumbra

Benjamin Corliss has designed two abstract strategy games that he runs online
at his web site. I’ve only played
Breacan so far (against
Benjamin), but I like what I see. Check out the site, sign up, and give it a