Yet Another Blog About Games

Looks like this is really catching on. Great to see other people joining the
fray and sharing session reports, reviews, and other thoughts on gaming.
Tolen Dante has just started his weblog.

Update: Tolen moved his blog to a new site with RSS feeds.

Jacob’s Birthday Party

Well, I’m only about 2 weeks late in posting this one. We hosted a mystery
party for Jacob and a few friends two Saturdays ago – sort of like a “How to
Host a Murder” game but for kids. The theme was western, and we asked the
party goers to dress the part. Jacob only invited boys, and there were a few
girl parts, so we had to improvise. Part of the improvisation was having
Matthew dress up as a girl – and Grandma was more than happy to help out.
Check out the results for yourself; should make for some great blackmail
material somewhere down the road.

The party went very well – we mixed in some games with the mystery puzzle, and
everyone played their parts. Jacob is nine now, and thought it seems cliche to
say that I can’t believe how fast he is growing up, well, I can’t believe how
fast he is growing up!

Yesterday, Jacob played in his last football game of the season, and his team
finished 8-0. Not a bad season! Jacob played out the year as the starting
center, and was getting much more playing time on defense as well. Julie and I
are sold on the value of this program for Jacob, and we are eager to sign up
Matthew as soon as he is old enough.

Picked Up an iBook

I found a good price on a used iBook here in town, so Jacob and I went to check it out on Saturday morning before his football game. There were a few reasons for picking this up:

  • A good platform for experimenting with Rotor and Mono.
  • OSX / Panther / Jaguar just seemed too cool to miss out on.
  • I think it will be a better home for my iPod link and iTunes.
  • I wanted a personal laptop for travel, especially for important tasks like playing DVDs for the boys on road trips.

So far I love it. I’m playing with some different software configurations
(browser, office tools, etc.) to see what works best. One disappointment –
OpenOffice supposedly works, but isn’t a native
Mac OSX application (it runs under X11). It also didn’t work in a turnkey
maner, probably because I’m not using Darwin as my X11 server.