Kayaking Off Marathon Key

Julie and I spent a sundrenched day kayaking around Sombrero Beach on Marathon Key. Tons of bird sightings: multiple heron and egret species, kingfisher, osprey, pelican, cormorant. Barracuda and… Big ass shark offshore!

Turtle Hospital at Marathon Key

Our first stop exploring the keys today is to the Turtle Hospital. Great mission and stories about their rescues and subsequent releases. A few permanent residents have lived here nearly 30 years. They’ve released over 2,000 turtles back to the sea. Only 3 of the released have ever had to return.

Fantasy A&R: My 12 track White Album

I’m a regular listener to the Celebration Rock podcast, and a big fan of Steven Hyden’s writing. Their latest episode presented a fun what-if exercise: what if you were the A&R person responsible for cutting the Beatles’ white album down to just 12 tracks for popular consumption? Steven Hyden invited Rob Mitchum to make a track list, as well as modify the order. I made my own list before listening to theirs and it was a fun exercise.

Side A

  1. Back in the USSR – To me it is not the white album without this opening song, though I understand others might throw away this song as another McCartney excursion. Doesn’t hurt that I’m also a big Beach Boys fan and this song is one of the milestones in the interplay between the two bands.
  2. Dear Prudence – In my all-time top 5 list of Beatles songs, this one must come right after Back in the USSR. This is my all-time favorite Lennon song, and possibly one of the last true collaborations with Paul (check out the isolated bass track).
  3. Glass Onion – Gotta include the meta-song.
  4. Rocky Raccoon – I struggled with this one, and in hindsight I wonder if I should have included Martha My Dear instead.
  5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Epic George Harrison, though including this without Bungalow Bill leading into shows just how hard it is to pull out single tracks.
  6. Helter Skelter – Let’s close side A with one of the best rockers The Beatles ever made.

Side B

  1. Blackbird – Side B is a bit mellower and kicks off with this example of McCartney poetry.
  2. I’m So Tired – Lennon’s cry out to the world about the impending doom that is The Beatles.
  3. Happiness is a Warm Gun – I tend towards the straight-line pop from the Beatles; this is an exception.
  4. Mother Nature’s Son – Love this McCartney song, and I also love Sheryl Crow’s cover.
  5. Savoy Truffle – Definitely the last pick that made the list. If the rocker version of Revolution had been on the white album it would take this song’s place.
  6. Julia – John at his mellow-ist, singing to his mother (and Yoko?).

Here’s the playlist on Spotify: