My Five & Dime Report for 2007

I just finished tabulating my games played for 2007 for Mark Jackson’s annual Five & Dime report. This was a down year for me in terms of total games played (only 154) mostly due to a serious lull in gaming as I was finishing up my work around the CheckFree / Corillian acquisition then transitioning to, ahem, mini-retired life. I had one session a month in May, June, and July, then recorded zero games played until September. Things got back into full swing at BGG.CON and I’ve resumed my regular playing habits.

For reference here is my 2003 Report. Tabulating was harder this year as I recorded my games played manually in my Game Journal. As the year went on, more and more I was tracking games played in my Field Notes notebook, so in 2008 I’m just going to record sessions in BGG.


  • Magic: the Gathering


  • Command & Colors: Ancients
  • Combat Commander: Europe
  • Arkadia
  • 18xx
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Foppen
  • Werewolf
  • Tichu

Almost made the cut with 4 plays:

  • Canal Mania
  • Brass

Clearly there’s a healthy dose of heavy games on this list, and as predicted last year my game playing and purchasing has taken a swing towards wargames. This also reflects a trend in my local gaming group.

What a Kid Wants – Top Games from Games Class

I ran my weekly Game On! games class for 3-5 graders again this fall and had a great time; I think the kids did too. I surveyed 22 of the kids at the end of the class and had them rank their top 3 games in order. Every game got at least a few votes, so that’s a good sign that I’m bringing games that kids want to play. The table below shows the final ranking, with the score based on 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd. I also show the total number of kids voting for that particular game – pretty amazing that 20 of the 22 kids had Incan Gold on their top 3 list.

Game Score Total Votes
Incan Gold 50 20
Saboteur 27 14
Tsuro 14 9
Hey! That’s My Fish 13 8
Walk the Dogs 11 5
TransEuropa 9 5
Slide 5 (aka 6 Nimmt) 8 5

We didn’t get a chance to play Werewolf this year – I suspect it would have given Incan Gold a run for its money. I thought Slide 5 would do better, but the game is a bit dry and subtle for the elementary school crowd in my opinion. Incan Gold and Saboteur are very thematic and interactive and are sure hits in family and kid settings.