Changing Shoreline At Salishan

We are out at the Oregon Coast doing some work to get our house sold (finally… we hope). There are been some king tides this winter and it is having a devastating effect. Several coastal homes have had serious damage, like logs and water coming up over their decks. We can’t even walk down to the beach anymore from our property.

Thursday Things

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What I’m Playing

Lots of games played over the winter holiday.

  • Played Dead of Winter several times and while it was fun it won’t stay in my collection. I’m not a big fan of cooperative games with hidden agendas.
  • Played 18Lilliput and probably messed up the rules, violating the certificate limit. Will try again soon.
  • The party game hit was Just One and we played it close to 10 times over the holday. Great cooperative party game.
  • I played Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles on 2018–12–18 once and then taught / mentored two other games over the holiday. My favorite easy entry into the tactical wargaming world.
  • Played 7 Wonders for the first time in a while. Julie and Dave stomped us.
  • Did a quick stand-up game of Can’t Stop. Always a hoot.
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies was in the game collection at the house we stayed in over the break so Jacob, David and I gave it a try. Solid game, maybe the best I’ve seen in the “Tiny” series.
  • We had a big game of The Great Dalmuti. Always goes over well.
  • I played the evil alien in Not Alone. Solid game.
  • We broke out Charterstone and got most of the original players back together to play episodes 9 and 10 (so two left I think). Enjoying it but won’t be my favorite worker placement game.
  • Nephew Geoff got Azul for Christmas so I taught him how to play.
  • Dave really enjoys Codenames so we played that several times.
  • Geoff gave me Captain Sonar for my birthday and we played several times. I’m awful at it, but it is an engaging if stressful real-time team vs. team game.
  • Matthew loves Pax Renaissance so we played several times. So much game inside this tiny box. Finally played the expansion.
  • During college bowl games Matthew and I played Innovation. I prefer the base game, low player count.
  • Julie and I played our last unopened Timeline game, Timeline: Events. I like this series.

Hiking Palo Duro Canyon Lighthouse Trail

We did a 6 mile roundtrip hike in Palo Duro canyon, about 20 miles southeast of Amarillo. I first (and last) visited this canyon when I was in college, about 1986. I remembered how striking the contrast is as you leave the panhandle plains for the dramatic stratified canyon with hoodoos. It is less than 1000 feet deep but very long, also wide in places. This trail had a great payoff as we climbed up by the signature lighthouse hoodoos at the turnaround point.