What I’m Up To Now

This page is for anyone interested in what I’m doing (approximately) now. You can learn more about this idea over at the nownownow project.

It is early July 2017, and here’s an update on what I’m working on now:

  • Living full time at Keuka Lake in western NY, where I’ll be until the end of July. Football season back in Portland starts early August.
  • Hosting a record 18 people today at the lake – makes meal planning interesting!
  • Teaching at Western Oregon will resume in late September. Just two classes this time, so will only have to commute twice per week.
  • Cambodia and Vietnam were amazing! Read about our adventures on Julie’s travel site.
  • Julie and I traveled to Maine for about 5 days last month and had a great time visiting our old college friend Tim.
  • I’m writing a lot more on the blog – check it out!

Last updated July 2, 2017