Kite Surfing In Columbia Gorge

At least that’s what I think it’s called. We saw a wide range of implements, including tiny foil-style boards that stayed out of water (think previous America’s Cup) with a rudder-like stabilizer in water. Julie and I were hiking in the Rooster Rock area.

Wednesday What’s Up

What I’m Reading

What I’m Playing

Almost nothing! School and football have kept me very busy. Julie had a deck of cards while we were at a bar so we endeavored to learn how to really play Gin Rummy, using rules we found on Wikipedia. Turns out we’ve been playing it wrong all these years – the knocking rules with option to push your luck and go out without full melds changes the game in a great way.

West Point Ring Run for Class of 2019

Julie and I were at West Point last weekend to join Matthew for Ring Weekend – where the class of 2019 gets their class rings.

Did you know the concept of class rings started at West Point?

Matthew and I ran in the Ring Run 5k on Saturday morning with about 500 cadets and family members. We took first place for father/cadet team!