Off to Australia

I'm sitting in the Red Carpet lounge at PDX, doing some demo work for Corillian and waiting for my flight to SFO. I'll end my journey in Melbourne, Australia sometime on Saturday morning. Mostly meetings next week, but as I'm arriving early (about $1500 cheaper leaving today rather than Friday), I'll have some time to explore Melbourne on Saturday while I try and stay awake and shift time zones.


BoardGameSearch is a useful site for searching prices for online games. This is a good start, but I want more (actually, my friend George wants more and I agree with him): scrape the sites rather than frame them in, then present the prices in a list. Sort of a Froogle for board games. Froogle already does a decent job here, but it needs to index more retailers.

Gmail Invitations

I know these are SO scarce these days, but let me know if you'd like a gmail invitation. Please leave a comment here with your first and last name and email address. Oh, and tell me what your favorite board game is.