Off to New York

Blogging from the iphone here... Still not too used to typing on this gadget. We are off to NY to visit Keuka lake for a week. Stay tuned - maybe you'll see some photos of lake trout or sailboats soon.

Max Michael (and family) Visits Oregon

Max Michael, game designer and publisher from Stratamax Games (also see an interview by Tom Vasel), is wrapping up a two week vacation to the Pacific northwest. We originally met at Essen 2005 and have stayed in touch via email and periodically in person as we show up at game conventions. Max and Tim Cockitt (from the UK) are helping me prepare an itinerary for touring the Bulge battlefields next spring with the family, and when I heard that Max would be bringing his family to the NW I offered our home up for a visit to Oregon.

Max and family took the train down from Seattle and we immediately drove out to the coast to tour some tide pools and just hang out on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Salishan with Max and Family-53.jpg

Max was kind enough to gift a copy of Wampanog, one of the new Stratamax games. This is a fun, lighter, area control game set in Massachusetts as the pilgrims arrive and interact with the Wampanog.

Boys of Summer

Baseball season is over! Both boys wrapped up their seasons last weekend by competing in the Junior Baseball of Oregon state championships.

Matthew's team went undefeated during the regular season and finished fourth in the state at the Midget Federal level - a great accomplishment though we know they could easily have finished first in the state as they beat each of the teams that finished ahead of them at least twice during the season. That's why you play the games though!

Here are all of the photosets from Matthew's season:

Midget Federal State Tournament-101.jpg
Midget Federal State Tournament-57.jpg

Jacob's team had a great second half, surging in their league play to get a berth in the district tournament and qualifying for the state championship. They also won the Newberg Junior Federal tournament.
Here are all of the photosets from Jacob's season:

Reedville Federal-85.jpg
Newberg Tournament-66.jpg

Get Back

Tap tap tap. Is this thing still on?

Wow - a lot has happened in the past month! As many of you know, CheckFree completed its acquisition of Corillian back in May. I started working at Corillian in September 1999 and served as the Chief Technology Officer since early 2001. After helping complete the transition work for integrating the two companies, it was time to reflect on next steps for me - 8 years in one place is a long time for me! The longest I had even lived in the same city prior to moving to Sherwood, OR was 4 years.

I was very impressed with how CheckFree handled the transition, and they offered me a very attractive role in the company. Still, after discussing at length with Julie, I felt it was time to move on and take some time to reflect and think about what's next for me. July 13 was my last day at CheckFree/Corillian. You can either call me unemployed or say I'm on a mini retirement (thanks Timothy Ferris) - in any case, I don't expect to resurface as an income-generating organic being until at least November.

I'm only 12 days into this mini-retirement but there should be no surprise that I'm loving it. Here's a short list of what I expect to do over the next few months:

  • Get back to posting more regularly. I promise to post every day for the next three months, with the exception of days when I don't feel like it. I have a backlog of posts to write on topics such as baseball, photography, and Max Michael and family visiting.
  • Do a lot of photography. I'm taking an online course at BetterPhoto and am loving it.
  • Coach football. I'll be assisting my friend Jim again this fall, running the defense for Matthew's 5th-6th grade team. This starts August 6.
  • Get back to playing more games. I'm averaging 1 session per month right now, and I'd like to get it up to 1 per week.
  • Reflect. My main "work" to do over the next 3 months is to reflect, brainstorm, and start acting on some of the vocational ideas I have churning around in my brain right now. I'll probably write about this process right here.
  • Hang out. Be more of a day-to-day presence with Julie and the boys. Jacob and I are out at Salishan right now. We golfed yesterday and plan on doing some surf casting on the beach in about 45 minutes. This sort of casual time is critical right now for the boys.

Stay tuned!