My Top Gaming Experiences of 2006

Maybe I’ll do a top n games list for 2006 at some point, but when I reflect on the past year what comes to mind are great gaming experiences, not great games.

New Years Magic: the Gathering Tournament

Magic doesn’t get played very often in my house, but when we do it is always a blast. We are heading into our fourth year running of a Magic sealed deck tournament, and I’m excited as ever to do it over the coming weekend. Sealed deck tournaments (and booster drafts) get to the core of what Magic is all about: discovering new cards and combos, creative deck building, and strong tactical play.

Conquest of the Empire

This was my favorite big conquest-type game of the year (we played with the Martin Wallace rules). I found this to be a huge improvement over Struggle of Empires, mostly because of streamlined play and nicer bits. Everyone was in the game and we found it very engaging through the end. I also love a game that easily plays all of the Rude/Brooks boys in a balanced fashion.

18FL / 1850

I’m at risk of turning into an 18XX geek. Playing 18FL at Eric’s was easily one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had recently – I love the pure economics, the no-luck, and the dialog we all have as we compete/cooperate. I mentioned during our play of 1850 two nights ago how nice it is to play with other unwashed newbies as I find the open discussion and lack of cut-throat play more enjoyable than it might be with a different crowd. I don’t expect to start collecting these games (I only own 1850 now, and I can leave the collecting up to Eric and Tim), but I hope to play at least 3-4 times in 2007.

Roads & Boats

I’m glad I picked this one up, and it will be hard to justify bringing out Antiquity or Indonesia over this title when choosing a big Splotter game to play. I enjoy the combination of logistics and economics in the game and find it much less punishing than Antiquity – even though I lost miserably at R&B, I never felt like I wasn’t moving forward.

Liar’s Dice

Jacob’s Boy Scout troop held a game night on Dec 15 – mostly console video games, but I made sure to bring a few board games. We played some Incan Gold but the huge hit was Liar’s Dice. It was great seeing some of the older scouts sitting down with adults and playing this game. The last game we played ended with a showdown between one of the other adult leaders and me – he with 5 dice, and me with just 1. Through a combination of lucky dice rolls and good bluffing I managed a win, something I thought was near impossible.

Oh, can I mention Guitar Hero 2?? I know it isn’t a board game, but this is just about the coolest electronic game of any kind I’ve ever played. I’m quickly turning into a console gaming convert (from PC gaming) after spending some time playing this and Madden NFL.

Disney World and Kennedy Space Center

Here’s a quick wrap-up on our trip to Florida last week. After our visit to Homasassa Springs, we drove down near Disney World to stay in a timeshare for two nights to make the travel back and forth to the Kingdom a bit easier. Tuesday night we stopped in at Downtown Disney and had some great (if a bit overpriced) Irish food at the pub there.

20061222 025

Wednesday was Magic Kingdom day for just the four of us. My parents rested and did some shopping. It was as crowded as I’ve seen it and by the mid afternoon congestion was getting to be quite annoying. We took advantage of the fast-pass system throughout the day and never waited in line for more than about 45 minutes. Lowlight: waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean for 25 minutes only to have it shut down when we were less than 5 minutes from boarding. Highlights: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Carousel of Progress (aka the Carousel of Missed Opportunities).

On Thursday we drove to Melbourne to check in with my Old Uncle Larry then shot up the Atlantic coast to visit the Kennedy Space Center.

20061222 229

The line to get on the bus at the space center was longer than any we waited in at Disney – how annoying! The trip was very enjoyable if a bit rushed – we didn’t arrive at the center until well after noon. Unfortunately we ran out of time on the bus tour and never got to stop at the International Space Station exhibit. We also allowed way too little time to visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame at the end of the day.

On Friday Larry and I played golf, we spent some time at the beach, then celebrated Christmas with a small gift exchange and a delicious meal. Saturday found us flying back to Portland via Denver (post blizzard) with about a 3 hour delay in Denver.

Homosassa Springs, Florida

We all flew down to Florida Saturday morning and are currently staying with my parents near Leesburg, just northwest of Orlando. The boys have been hankerin’ for some Manatee action, so today we drove over to Homosassa Springs on the gulf coast. Very worthwhile trip – you can see photos in my Flickr set.

20061218 068

This place used to be one of those classic, campy privately owned Florida wildlife tourist attractions. Apparently you could often find the animals from the TV show Daktari there (and Lu, the hippo from the show, is still a resident). The state of Florida took over the park in the 1980s and they’ve done a nice job of keeping it tourist friendly and non-commercial.

20061218 049

The park is a mini-zoo, with the highlight being the captive manatees (orphans and rehab cases). Our friends also recommend Blue Springs State Park, situated on the St Johns River, as a great place to see manatees in the wild.

20061218 020

Tomorrow we will drive down closer to Disney World in preparation for a day at the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday.

Roads & Boats, Die Macher

Last Saturday I hosted a dynamic duo of class big games – Roads & Boats and Die Macher (new edition). Eric, Wes, and Michael joined me for a morning start of R&B.

We were all thankful that Eric managed to make it (late entry) – the rest of us were newbies. We played the rowing scenario, encouraged for 1st time four-player games.

20061209 058

The game isn’t very complex, especially if you are somewhat familiar with the “gather these to build these” civ mechanic. By playing the rowing scenario, we were pretty much guaranteed to have 2 separate games going on – Michael and I never directly met up with Eric and Wes with the mountain range between us. Both sides mostly cooperated throughout the game, even negotiating the construction of certain shared resources (like the rowboat factory).

20061209 061

While I did a great job creating an efficient transportation network, I did a lousy job of converting my resources into coins and stock certificates (that’s how you score points). I essentially lost track of how to score points and how much time was left in the game. The others didn’t, and I finished a solid last place. Eric won easily, but we all agreed it was a great gaming experience. I found it much more enjoying than Antiquity.

The evening (approximately 6pm) meant a double header of Die Macher with 8 players total participating. Doug brought along his copy, and for a much better description of his session you should read his report on Die Macher.

20061209 064

I felt a bit bad about Brandon and Jacob playing – Brandon had spent all day at a Lego Robotics tournament, and Jacob spent all day down at the Evergreen Aviation Museum earning his aviation merit badge. They were both a bit zonked so we adjusted to a 5-round game instead of the typical 7 round.

20061209 069

This is a game I’ll have to play again – there are a lot of moving parts and I did enjoy it quite a bit. The human factors issues bothered me a LOT (again, read Doug’s report on details) and I will likely do some markings on my own game cards if Valley Games doesn’t do anything to correct them.

20061209 068

14 days and 23 games

I’ve made some great progress, but have a tough 2 weeks ahead of my to complete my unplayed games list burndown.


While a few of the remaining games are quickies that I’ll easily knock out over the New Years weekend, there are also a few longish games that will be a bigger challenge. Here’s the list:

  • Shogun
  • Paths of Glory
  • TurfMaster
  • History of the World
  • Starship Catan
  • Britannia
  • Corsairs and Hellcats
  • Kingdoms
  • El Caballero
  • Bigkini
  • Thief of Bagdad
  • Master Labyrinth
  • Hellas
  • Hero Clix
  • Cannes – Stars, Scripts and Screens
  • Target
  • Crazy Diamond & Karatino
  • Malefiz
  • Socks in the City
  • Wooden Shoes & Iron Monsters
  • New York Central
  • 1850
  • Kunst and Kennis Spel

1850 should get played on the 27th at an after-work 18xx game night. I’m most worried about Paths of Glory, History of the World, and Britannia. I’ll keep you posted.